November 2 in history:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) made its debut on November 2nd, 1936…the same day and year that the BBC in England began regular television programming.

Commercial radio in the U.S. was launched on November 2nd, 1920, an election night.  Station KDKA went on the air in Pittsburgh to broadcast returns from the presidential race between James Cox and Warren G. Harding. Harding was elected on his 55th birthday.

On another election day, November 2nd, 1976, the major U.S. TV networks began the tradition of using large red-white-and-blue maps to show which party has won which states in a presidential race.  It wasn’t until the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore that the media generally adopted the code of “blue” for Democrats and “red” for Republicans, reportedly popularized by NBC’s Tim Russert.

George W. was a third-generation cheerleader at Yale, and also led cheers at the Andover prep school.  Modern cheerleading was invented at a University of Minnesota football game on November 2nd, 1898.  Minnesota student Johnny Campbell was among a group of young men who usually started specific cheers in the stands.  On that particular day, Campbell stood up in front of the home crowd and taught them cheers by shouting through a megaphone.


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