December 10 in history:

The Saturday night “Barn Dance” program on Nashville radio station WSM got a new identity on December 10th, 1927.  The show’s host, George D. Hay, joked on the air about his program being aired immediately after a show that featured the music of grand opera.  Hay said the next show would feature “the Grand Ole Opry.”  The Opry name caught on, and the radio show developed into the most famous country music stage show in America.

A San Francisco-area band called “Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions” changed its name to “The Warlocks” in 1965, but soon learned that another band was using that name.  Band founder Jerry Garcia found a new name in a book, and on December 10th of ’65, the Warlocks played their first show under that new name: the Grateful Dead.

A group of studio musicians recording as the made-for-TV band “The Partridge Family” had the number-one song in America on this date in 1970: “I Think I Love You.”  David Cassidy was lead singer for the Partridges on the TV series and on the records.  Another member of the sitcom band, Susan Dey, was born on December 10th, 1952.  Dey went from playing Laurie Partridge in the ’70s to the role of attorney Grace Van Owen on “L.A. Law” in the ’80s.


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