June 1st in history:

Kentucky became the 15th state in the Union on June 1st, 1792. It took four more years before a 16th star was put on the flag – for Tennessee, admitted on June 1st, 1796.

There were 18 states in the union by the time President James Madison asked Congress to declare war on Britain on this date. The war became known as … well, Madison’s request came in 1812.

James Buchanan, who was president when Southern states began seceding from the union, died on June 1st, 1868, just seven years after leaving office.

And this is Monroe’s birthday – not President Monroe, but Marilyn Monroe (1926).  The actress was known as much for her love life as for her movies.  Marilyn married Joe Di Maggio and Arthur Miller, and her relationships included one with Elia Kazan…who directed Andy Griffith (like Monroe, born June 1st, 1926) in his starring role in “A Face in the Crowd.”


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  1. Alton C. Thompson

    My great-grandfather, Tjøstolv Torjesen, is Brad’s great-great grandfather. I’ve created a chart that shows how we are related, if you’re interested.
    At 75, my autobiographical memory is failing, and I wish that I had some of Brad’s!
    Alton C. (“Al”) Thompson, Ph. D., Greendale, WI

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