July 19 in history:

On July 19th, 1969, Senator Edward Kennedy reported to police in Edgartown, Massachusetts, that he had been in a car accident the night before on Chappaquiddick Island.  He admitted to driving a car into a pond, and said he and others had failed to rescue passenger Mary Jo Kopechne from the car.  Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the accident scene. 

Thirty years later, on this date in 1999, police and the military were searching the waters off Martha’s Vineyard for a plane piloted by Senator Kennedy’s nephew, John F. Kennedy, Jr.  Kennedy, his wife Carolyn, and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette disappeared on July 15th in bad weather during a night flight to Martha’s Vineyard. 

July 19th was a happier day  for the Kennedy family in 1986.  John Junior’s sister Caroline married Edwin Schlossberg on that day.

John and Caroline’s uncle, Sargent Shriver, was the running mate of Democratic nominee George McGovern in the November, 1972 presidential election.  McGovern was born July 19th, 1922.


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