July 25 in history:

Several firsts on this day in history…

louise_brownTwo English inventors, William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone, demonstrated their telegraph for the first time on July 25th, 1837. The two men communicated between rooms about a mile-and-a-half apart.

England claims the very first “test-tube baby.” Louise Brown, the first baby conceived through in-vitro fertilization, was born on this date in 1978.

Thirty-five year old cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space on July 25th, 1984, outside the Salyut 7 space station.

“Layyyyyy-deeee!” Did you know the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed together for the first time on July 24th and 25th in 1946 at a club in Atlantic City? Martin and Lewis also officially broke up on July 25th, 1956.

Bob Dylan was a major folk music star when he performed at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island on July 25th, 1965.  The audience reportedly booed Dylan when he chose to play a few songs on electric guitar that night, violating the acoustic tradition of ’60s folk music.  People who heard Dylan’s performance have disagreed on whether the audience was really upset about the playing of an electric guitar, or about the short time Dylan was given on stage, or whether there was much booing at all.


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